Duck Egg Hoop Bangle

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Duck Egg Hoop Bangle
Duck Egg Hoop Bangle

Duck Egg Hoop Bangle

Lesley Strickland

Item Ref: Duckegghoop
Our price: £120.00

Size: 6.5cm diam

Material: Cellulose Acetate and Silver

 Cellulose acetate is an unusual plastic as it is made from purified cellulose, with wood or cotton linters being the raw material rather than petroleum. Cotton cellulose is superior to wood cellulose and is used in high quality products such as jewellery. The vegetable oils are completely removed during cellulose purification. The solid cellulose reacts with chemicals derived from acetic acid after which it becomes a viscous and clear slurry. The final material is dissolved in acetone and cast, usually into solid colour, transparent or translucent sheets. Vegetable and mineral pigments are used to give the sheets a huge range of colours and patterns. By repeatedly cutting and laminating these sheets, many designs and patterns can be created. Although the sheets of cellulose acetate are made using some very modern technology, craftsmanship is still the key to making the best use of such an elegant material. Each piece of Lesley Strickland's jewellery is hand formed and very carefully finished. Because of its vegetable origins, the material will not provoke allergies and has a pleasant warm and silky feel.

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